Talk to Jeff

For the last dozen years and counting, I’ve been taking what I know from a life on stage and using it to help folks in corporations grow their communication and leadership skills.

In this year of the Water Rabbit, a year to focus on longevity, peace and prosperity, I’m going to go the other way, too, helping folks in the performing world grow their leadership, art, and business chops using skills learned in my consulting career.

If you work with a not-for-profit arts organization or you are an independent artist and you would like some coaching, let me know; if you have friends who fit that description, let them know.

Here's how it works: You get in touch with me and we schedule a meeting over a cup of tea or on Zoom. If you want more, we schedule another one. That’s it. Sliding scale anywhere from a medium chai latte at Julie’s to $250.

Email Jeff here.

Year of the Water Rabbit
Raz juggling NECCA
Jeff Raz looking back