Holiday package of all 3 of Jeff's books
Special ‘Circus Trilogy’ Book Package

Take advantage of this special holiday package that includes of one copy of each of Jeff’s books: ‘Secret Life of Clowns’, ‘The Snow Clown’ and ‘Love Death Circus’ –  all signed by Jeff, for $35 including tax. The regular price is $17 x 3 plus tax.

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Love Death Circus cover
‘Love Death Circus’

Love Death Circus is a love letter to the Bay Area circus community that has been the author’s artistic home for over four decades. It takes you deep into an idiosyncratic world of acrobats, comics, musicians and clowns with an outrageous sense of style.

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The Snow Clown by Jeff Raz
‘The Snow Clown’

‘The Snow Clown’, takes a clown into culture clashes on the frozen tundra and America‚Äôs heartland. Order today!

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Secret Life of Clowns by Jeff Raz
‘The Secret Life of Clowns’

This book by Jeff Raz offers a unique ‘backstage tour’ of Cirque du Soleil and the Clown Conservatory.

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