Reconnect with the Joy of Being a Citizen

I chose to become a citizen of the United States. When I took the oath of allegiance, I was surprised that something that from the depths of me surfaced. I think that being gay has a lot to do with that – I’m not used to being recognized or being treated in certain way, and all of a sudden, I’m treated as an equal and I’m welcome.”

That’s an excerpt from an interview I did for the Citizen Joy! project. The goal of Citizen Joy! is to invite people to reconnect, in the face of real dangers and doom narratives, with the joy of being citizens, the joy of having choices and the joy of being together with other people in harmony. We think that it is more likely that people who feel the joy of living in a democracy will take actions, such as voting, to defend it.

“Indoor plumbing! This is the hill I will die on. The fact that we get clean, drinkable water that just comes right out of our tap is a miracle. If that is not a miracle, I don’t know what is. And it gets better! You can just poop…and it goes away! And if you’re really lucky, you live near a water treatment facility, and then they clean it, too!

We’re starting to partner with fifteen performing arts companies and schools across the country, and we’re talking with teachers about using these three concepts of citizenship – gratitude, agency, and harmony – to create art, and conversation, in their classrooms. PLEASE invite anyone you think might be interested to contact me.

In addition, our social media presence is amping up, with the goal of posting peoples’ artwork – drawings, photos, songs, poems, videos of dances, circus acts, etc. --based on our themes.

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Dancer Molly Sannon at Carnival

Gold toilet