Reaching Out to Performance Artists Nationwide

Thank you, thank you for your answers to the questions in last month’s Gazette – they helped me, and my team, move Citizen Joy! on fast-forward in February. I have another request this month, but first, here is where we are now:

Citizen Joy! will use live interactive shows + on-line artistic challenges to connect people across the country based on shared ideas and commonly held beliefs about…
a. …what brings us joy in community/government (Gratitude)
b. …choices that are dear to our hearts (Agency)
c. …being together (Harmony)

The live interactive shows will use circus, dance, music and/or puppetry with storytelling (based on answers like yours) to explore what we have, and could lose, as citizens, and to energize people around the U.S. to do what they can (voting is one good option).

The on-line component, spearheaded by my colleague Martin Ganapoler (writer of the What the Hell Just Happened? newsletter on Substack), will offer questions and stories as prompts for D.I.Y. projects – poems, drawings, dance videos, etc.

The live shows will be produced by companies around the country, and will all be performed on July 27, 2024; the on-line artwork will get posted on the same day.

My request: If you know of someone in an organization anywhere in the country that produces or teaches live performance – circus, dance, puppetry, music, theater – send a link of this page to them with your request that they contact me (or they can email

We are already talking with the performing arts departments at a university in D.C. and a high school here in the Bay; I plan to spend most of March sending the scenario we’ve created to artists around the country and asking them, “How might you use this in your theater (or tent or nightclub or…) on July 27?”