September 2018

The Snow Clown at the book store

Dear Friends and Family,

The Snow Clown has dropped!

All of you who pre-ordered copies should have them in your hands soon; if you were waiting, now’s the time to get yours –, Books Inc. Alameda or Amazon.

Everyone in the Bay Area please come join me for a reading at Books Inc. Alameda on November 8 at 7pm (come early – they ran out of chairs reading for The Secret Life of Clowns last year). You can find all my book events at

The swag for the month is an excerpt from The Snow Clown about writing and rehearing a play with a group of student teachers at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. A fraternity had burned a cross a few days before and this is the theme of the show.

Thanks for reading the Raz Gazette!

Jeff Raz

The Snow Clown Chapter 30 “A Cross is Burning” (excerpt):

ON THE FIRST DAY of rehearsal, 22 of us sit on folding chairs, just barely fitting in the long, thin classroom we’ve been assigned. Some folks make it clear with their body language and monosyllabic responses that they would rather be anywhere else. I want to get right to the tough stuff: institutional racism, hate symbols, personal bias. They want to go home.