August 2018

Jeff Raz Alameda Magazine
Photo by Mike Rosati


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You are reading these words, my first e-newsletter, because you’ve also read The Secret Life of Clowns or because you’ve expressed interest in my work or because I really hope you’ll express interest in my work some day. If none of these are true, you still may want to get this monthly newsletter because there will be a gift in every one, virtual swag.

This month’s swag is the first part of the first chapter of my second book, The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska due out just after Labor Day. As a special bonus, here is a lovely article about The Secret Life of Clowns, by Samantha Baker entitled Part Storytelling, Part Curriculum, All Heart.

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Jeff Raz

Jeff Raz from The Snow Clown

The Snow Clown

From my new book The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska
Chapter 1: The Frozen River, Kwethluk, Alaska 1980

“TAKE IT, CLOWN BOY. You can fly this crate until we get to the Kuskokwim.” The bush pilot lets go of her steering wheel, or what would be a steering wheel if we were in a car. I grab mine, pulling back a little too hard, and the Cessna swoops up sharply. “Easy, Clown Boy. Just keep us here at 500 feet and follow the shoreline.”

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From The Secret Life of Clowns by Jeff Raz

Part Storytelling, Part Curriculum, All Heart
by Samantha Cosentino Baker, April 2, 2018,

“I don’t know if it’s ever been said that a clown is the heart of circus, but it sure rings true. It seems a clown’s job is not only to move an audience toward laughter but also to represent the humanity of circus and project that for us to be reminded of our own. Circus artists can be not only strong acrobats, graceful dancers, quick jugglers, and smart magicians…”

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