Special ‘Circus Trilogy’ Book Package


Take advantage of this special holiday package that includes of one copy of each of Jeff’s books: ‘Secret Life of Clowns’, ‘The Snow Clown’ and ‘Love Death Circus’ –  all signed by Jeff, for $35 including tax. The regular price is $17 x 3 plus tax.



Chronologically, the first novel of the trilogy is The Snow Clown, which follows the adventures of a young performer in Alaska and Nebraska where the brutal weather is often the least of his problems. The second book, The Secret Life of Clowns, features two heroes – a student trying to learn the art of clowning and his mentor trying to practice what he teaches in front of tens of thousands of Cirque du Soleil fans. The finale, Love Death Circus, finds a circus community coping with illness and death by lavishing love on their friends and outrageous circus acts on their fans.