Need For Community

After many new years of being resolution-free, I’m thinking about changes in my life for the second year in a row. Last year it was “my lazy assumptions of powerlessness;” this year it is my need for community.

A lot of my time in 2023 went into working on a new book, which I love dearly, but writing is a solitary pursuit. After turning in a draft manuscript to the publisher yesterday, I plan to spend more time with dynamic, creative groups of people, “good gangs,” as my friend Paoli Lacy used to call them. My hope is to find my place with groups working in the arts, consulting, and politics.

Joining a “circlesinging” group led by my friend David Worm and helping with a couple of shows, along with the rest of the book process, should take care of the art part; designing and leading programs with more of my consulting colleagues will bring back the joy of collaborating with a like-minded team to support people very different from me.

That leaves politics.

I would like to use my skills in the arts and consulting to help elect people who will make our country, and our world, a better place, and a less dangerous place for many of my friends and family. If you know of a group of good people doing good, effective political work who might like to add someone with my skills, please let me know.

What are you planning in 2024? Are you trying to restore a balance? create a new imbalance? preserve a well-earned equilibrium? other?

Jeff working at Stand and Deliver
Jeff working for Stand and Deliver

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