Love Death Circus Now In Print

In 2020, the depths of the pandemic, you received a chapter a week of my novel Love Death Circus. Some of you read a few chapters, some of you read more than a few and some of you read the whole book. If you enjoyed any part of it, I am thrilled.

One of the main reasons I serialized the book that way was to feel connected to you in a time of deep isolation and fear. Just knowing that you had opened the newsletter (I made a weekly ritual of checking the stats on Mailchimp) and getting notes from many of you, had an outsized effect on my well-being during those lonely, scary months.

Thank you.

And quite a few of you told me that you would wait to read Love Death Circus until it came out in paperback. Since I am also a lover of physical books, I decided to get it designed (by the brilliant Stephanie Mautone) and have a small run printed. The books should be ready to go by the time you open this email.

Please order Love Death Circus here. If you want more than one of my books, in any combination — for yourself, as gifts, for a class or a book club — please send me an email so I can give you a discount. Let me know if you’d like them signed.