It’s a Dog’s Life

Val the dog

Our dog Val seems to enjoy five of the seven deadly sins – sloth, gluttony, pride, envy and lust. Despite this she lives a good life, walking gently through the world, loving and being loved, avoiding most of the ills that we humans suffer and create. The last two sins, greed and wrath, just aren’t her jam.

Dogs might have something here. As individual humans, we could stop worrying so much about the first five and double down on avoiding the last two. Might also work on a national scale: If we had taken concerns of sloth and gluttony off the table, a lot fewer folks would be facing hunger and homelessness right now; if we had gone to great lengths to avoid greed and wrath, wealth inequality and endless wars would be history.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the seven (Christian) virtues and the only ones that Val might have are courage and hope. Might. The others – prudence, justice, temperance, faith and charity – just aren’t canine concepts. Since love isn’t on the list, we might want to add it, and a few others like empathy, to the virtues. And maybe we could move a couple over from the sins list. Gluttony, anyone? Pride? Lust?