Citizen Joy

It should always be this easy!

It Can't Happen HereLast month I wrote about wanting to spend more time in “good gangs,” dynamic groups working in the arts, consulting, and political worlds. Viola! Since then, I’ve been invited to join four great teams.

On the political front, I’m starting my own gang for a project inspired by a theatrical event at another moment when autocrats were on the rise — in 1936, the Federal Theater Project staged an adaptation of Sinclair Lewis’ anti-fascist novel “It Can’t Happen Herein 21 theaters in 17 states simultaneously.

This new idea, which I’m currently calling “Citizen Joy” is aimed at reclaiming the beauty and power of being part of a community from the doom and gloom headlines.

I’ll have more next month but, for the moment, I’d love it if you would send me an answer(s) to either or both questions:

  • In the last week, what government projects or freedoms have you enjoyed?
  • In your life, what choices are most important to you?

On the book front, my gang and I are working on final notes from the editor of An International Circus Affair. You will soon be able to read all about how Chinese and American acrobats changed circus on two continents, with the word “soon” being a moving target.