• Feel the Feels

    Feel the Feels

    The last couple of newsletters have focused on the Citizen Joy project so this one is in a more personal vein. Last year, when my family was going through some tough times, I put together a quick emotional exercise to use when found myself in the all-too-familiar state of floating …Read More »
  • Reconnect with the Joy of Being a Citizen

    Reconnect with the Joy of Being a Citizen

    “I chose to become a citizen of the United States. When I took the oath of allegiance, I was surprised that something that from the depths of me surfaced. I think that being gay has a lot to do with that – I’m not used to being recognized or being …Read More »
  • Reaching Out to Performance Artists Nationwide

    Reaching Out to Performance Artists Nationwide

    Thank you, thank you for your answers to the questions in last month’s Gazette – they helped me, and my team, move Citizen Joy! on fast-forward in February. I have another request this month, but first, here is where we are now: Citizen Joy! will use live interactive shows + …Read More »
  • Citizen Joy

    Citizen Joy

    It should always be this easy! Last month I wrote about wanting to spend more time in “good gangs,” dynamic groups working in the arts, consulting, and political worlds. Viola! Since then, I’ve been invited to join four great teams. On the political front, I’m starting my own gang for …Read More »
  • Need For Community

    Need For Community

    After many new years of being resolution-free, I’m thinking about changes in my life for the second year in a row. Last year it was “my lazy assumptions of powerlessness;” this year it is my need for community. A lot of my time in 2023 went into working on a …Read More »
  • Support the Family of Master Lu Yi

    Support the Family of Master Lu Yi

    Please click on the link below to support the family of the man who made great circus events possible, Lu Yi. “I don’t know where I would have found my voice had I not worked with Lu Yi and his students,” said Gypsy Snider. Lu Yi cultivated in his students …Read More »
  • Share Your Credentials

    Share Your Credentials

    When Cirque du Soleil offered me a contract 17 years ago, my wife said, “This will open doors we don’t even know exist.” She was right. The cache of that gig helped me get started in the strange new world of consulting, where being introduced as a “Cirque du Soleil …Read More »
  • My First Non-Fiction Book

    My First Non-Fiction Book

    Yesterday I sent a first draft manuscript to Thom Wall, the publisher for my new book. Of course, it is really the ninth or twentieth or thirtieth draft, depending on how you count. I’m excited. This is my first non-fiction book, the first time I’ve worked with a group to …Read More »