Jeff Raz's most recent work, Love Death Circus, is now out in paperback.

Frank Singer gets the call he's been waiting for his whole career, an invitation to fly to Europe and star in the best-loved circus on earth. But he can't say "yes." His circus family - strong, independent, wildly creative people - need him at home like they never have before. As high-flying as they are on stage, literally and figuratively, Franks community comes right down to earth when people start dying.

Love Death Circus is a love letter to the Bay Area circus community that has been the author's artistic home for over four decades. Framed by a series of benefit performances. Love Death Circus takes you deep into an idiosyncratic world of acrobats, comics, musicians and clowns with an outrageous sense of style reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen and Walter Mosely.

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Love Death Circus
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