Golden Mistakes

Mistakes can be your friend. Really. Throughout my career on stage, in the circus ring and in recent years, in boardrooms and work sites, I’ve seen over and again how the hardest and often most important, moments are when something goes wrong – the tech fails, you forget your next line, you accidentally offend someone. These are the times for what I call “Golden Mistakes” – opportunities to make deeper connections because things are … Read More

Exploring Misunderstandings

A few years ago, I was leading a program with a global tech company for fifty of their directors and VPs. A man sitting in the front row was particularly attentive, one of those people who gives lots of good energy, even without saying anything. At the first break, he came up to ask me a question and we talked for fifteen minutes. Then, from the moment I started the next module until lunch, … Read More


Here’s an idea to make your work more livable and vibrant: start every morning with a game of Sticks. I played Sticks every day with my colleagues on Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo, right after we sang a song together. Sticks made me happy, made me a better person and a much better colleague. It was the way the cast tuned up together and found the rhythm of the day. Sticks begins with a group … Read More

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