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Author and playwright Jeff Raz has performed nationally and internationally for decades, starring in circuses (Cirque du Soleil, Pickle Family Circus and more) and plays, including Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors on Broadway. He is a graduate of Dell’Arte International, has written 15 plays and has directed dozens of circus, puppet and theater productions.  Read more about Jeff...

About Jeff Raz

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Special ‘Circus Trilogy’ Book Package

Special ‘Circus Trilogy’ Book Package
Holiday package of all 3 of Jeff's books

The Circus Trilogy is a perfect gift for family and friends who are circus fans, book fans and fans of joy and life. Take advantage of this special package that includes of one copy of each of Jeff's books: ‘Secret Life of Clowns’, ‘The Snow Clown’ and ‘Love Death Circus’ – all signed by Jeff, for $35 including tax.

Vivid and universal with profound vulnerability, great humor and generosity of spirit.”

"What I didn’t realize, until reading this book, is to what extent clowning lessons are life lessons."

"Jeff Raz has a keen eye for detail and character, and a clown’s empathy. Observation is grace."

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The Secret Life of Clowns: A backstage tour of Cirque du Soleil and The Clown Conservatory

"This book inspires from beginning to end: it captures the sweat, the sinew and the soul of clown."
~ Patty Gallagher, Professor of Theatre Arts, U.C. Santa Cruz

More than one million people saw Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo with Jeff Raz in the starring role. Every night after the show, Raz hurried back to the hotel to do his “day job” as the director of the only school for professional clowns in the United States. The Secret Life of Clowns was born from Raz’s attempts to take the principles he taught at The Clown Conservatory into the grand chapiteau in front of 2,800 Cirque du Soleil fans eight times a week. The form of the book is modeled on Constantin Stanislavski’s brilliant trilogy that brought the Moscow Art Theatre to the world through the eyes of a fictionalized student. Since Raz was simultaneously running a school and starring in a show, he has doubled up on Stanislavski with twin narratives - a fictionalized Clown Conservatory and a backstage tour of Cirque du Soleil.

The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska

Forget what you know about clowns. The Snow Clown brings to life a circus made to reflect, and reflect on, crossed borders. A thoroughly absorbing read.
~ Zofia Burr, Dean, George Mason University Honors College; author Of Women, Poetry, and Power

Some artists thrive by taking risks, exploring unknown territory, living on the edge. The title character in The Snow Clown takes this literally, flying tiny planes out to Eskimo villages in the dead of winter to teach kids who have never seen a circus. The unforgiving tundra and triple-digit wind chill are the least of his worries as he navigates a world where traditional Yup’ik culture is fighting off TV America and missionary teachers.

Years later, the Snow Clown finds himself in Nebraska, America’s Heartland, performing a comedy about the Holocaust and his father’s suicide. It doesn’t go well. He is a Jewish artist out on the plains where Jews are as rare as buffalo but burning crosses are not. Using skills he honed on the Alaskan tundra, he writes plays with students that blow the lid off of “Nebraska Nice” and eventually get him run out of town.

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The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska

Vivid and universal with profound vulnerability, great humor and generosity of spirit.
~ Chris Ertel, Author of the National Bestseller Moments of Impact

Frank Singer gets the call he's been waiting for his whole career, an invitation to fly to Europe and star in the best-loved circus on earth. But he can't say "yes." His circus family - strong, independent, wildly creative people - need him at home like they never have before. As high-flying as they are on stage, literally and figuratively, Franks community comes right down to earth when people start dying.

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Interview on Live in the Bay
Click to watch Jeff's Interview on Live in the Bay

‘Wonderland’ directed by Jeff Raz